Study Trip to Per Aquum Niyama Huvafenfushi

By Zulaikha Abdul Wahid, 10A
And Fathimath Eafa Rameez, 10A

The Travel and Tourism students of Grade 10—accompanied by BHIS Humanities department teachers—visited Per Aquum Niyama Huvafenfushi on the 24th of February. Although it was a half-day trip, we had an exceptional first-hand learning of concepts relevant to our subject. The study trip provided an excellent example of the saying, ‘Learning by doing and seeing.’

The journey to the resort was done via speedboat, which took about 40 minutes. Upon arrival, we were greeted by the management of the resort, who guided us throughout the trip.



Per Aquum Niyama Huvafenfushi is famous for featuring luxury and sensational natural beauty. Thus, we were all thrilled to have the opportunity of seeing the various facilities and services provided by the resort. In each area, information was provided to us on how they operated the services.



We were able to see the Marine Biology centre, the underground wine cellar, the diving centre, the fitness centre, and also the beach- and water-villa rooms. Each beach-villa have a secluded private beach, while the water-villas have direct access to the lagoon from a private sun deck.

After our class separated into two groups, we were taken around the resort in two buggies by some of the trainees. First, we went to a swimming pool area, where there were plenty of tanning chairs with propped-up umbrellas. We were given the chance to spend a few minutes and take as many pictures as we could (which was, admittedly, a lot).


Later, we were taken into the wine cellar, where one of the managers provided us with information about the wines and some of their prices.


Then we went to one of the villas on the resort, and were given the chance to enter and observe the spacious lodgings. The one we visited was huge! Due to its size, we took a long time exploring it: a swimming pool outside, stairs that led to the bathroom, the main bedroom, and the living room area.


The bedroom was paired up with a beautiful open-air bathroom that had a sizable bathing area; it could’ve been a swimming pool by the sheer size of it! Then we were led to a swimming pool outside the villa—which took us by surprise, given our earlier astonishment of the bathroom.

Once we were done, the resort management surprised us with the opportunity of feeding stingrays! They gave us plenty of instructions; the amount of polaroid pictures we took are uncountable.


After this, we quickly had dinner, and spent the next hour on the ferry back to Male’. It disappointed us that we wouldn’t be able to spend more time there in the resort, as we enjoyed the trip greatly.


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