Bloody Sunday

By Jumana Shahid, 11A

22nd January 1905,
Released wasps from the hive;
Under the power of Tsar Nicholas the II
The Golden Days nearly came to an end

Shy was he, a timid maiden.
His moustachethe one good thing he had then.
Though almost as dumb as the 16th Louis,
He, at least, didn’t marry a banshee.

He gave his people the Russo-Japanese War:
This was during the fun year of 1904.
He tried to make his people patriotic,
But alas! He just got more idiotic.

Russia was agricultural then,
While Japan was industrialisedsince when?
Enough of that. It lead to starvation.
He blessed all with hunger, and a deadly vacation.

300,000 people and Father Gapon,
Were tired of the Tsar, and became so done,
That they marched to the Winter’s Palace with a petition,
To get back their food, and wages in addition.

Sadly their surprise party for the Tsar
Could not make it so very far,
Because they scared a baby Cossarc
Who shot the people while it was still not dark.

And when Tsar got scared and ran away,
His people’s trust in him began to sway.
Badabim Badaboom, with a Bibidi Bobidi Boo
He started the 1905 revolution too!

How, under one man, came 3 revolutions, I don’t know,
But it’s history; I guess it was just so:
All men start drama worse than a Hindi drama.
Goodbye TV. I’ll read a textbook instead.

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