As a Girl

By Fathimath Imaan Suhail, 9A

As a girl,
You’re told to be soft,
Like petals on a flower.
But, like flowers,
You are destined to bloom.

As a daughter,
You are told to obey,
To keep your voice down.
But you have a voice
That brings the twinkling stars
Out to the night sky, and
You have a voice so powerful
It is capable of moving mountains.
My darling,
You deserve to be heard.

As a younger sister,
You are told to follow the steps
Of your brother.
But you, alone, hold a boundless universe
Filled with bliss,
And many beautiful flowers growing inside you.

As a woman,
You are told
That you are less,
That your work at home could never suffice
Or that your work in the office could never prevail,
Compared to what men do.
But you have strength in you:
All that you will ever need.
You have the potential
To shine;
Do not let your light be dimmed.

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