International History Bee & Bowl

History Quiz Competition, Abu Dhabi


Billabong High’s teams for the International History Bee and Bowl travelled to Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the UAE over the course of five days. Our group consisted of two teams; the Varsity team and the Junior Varsity team. After our arrival in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday, the 15th of March, we participated in the competition on the following Friday, and spent the rest of our trip sightseeing and celebrating the Junior Varsity team’s achievement. It was an incredible excursion.

Day One – 15th March, 2017


On the first day of the trip, we spent our time resting after our journey and studying for the quiz. We had been up early, and arrived at our hotel in Abu Dhabi around 6pm. Everyone was tired, but excited to have arrived and to start preparing.

Day Two – 16th March, 2017


Both teams spent the next day the same way. Now that we were fully rested, the group was working hard to make sure we were all set for the competition the next day. Apart from our practicing, the day was uneventful — we stayed in our hotel all day.

Day Three – 17th March, 2017

On Friday, we arrived at the Brighton College of Abu Dhabi at about 9am. Our teams were as excited as we were nervous, though as the competition began and then progressed, our confidence grew. The quiz was incredibly fun and a great learning experience. We met students from schools in Abu Dhabi, explored the vast campus, and even competed between our two teams. To top it all off, we left the competition with a win in second place for the Junior Varsity team.

Day Four – 18th March, 2017


Now that the event was over, the team went on for a tour around Abu Dhabi and Dubai on the bus. We visited the beautiful and massive Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, and went to the top of Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.

Day Five – 19th March, 2017

The next day, we visited a mall to do some shopping before our main activity for the day, which was the desert safari. The safari was an awesome adventure — we drove over sand dunes, rode a camel, enjoyed a barbecue dinner, and watched performances of belly dancing, a fire show, and more.

Day Six – 20th March, 2017

Everyone was sad to be leaving Dubai on the last day, as we had had such a great time on the trip. At the airport, the teams got to explore the duty free section for some time before indulging in a meal from McDonalds and boarding our flight back to Male’.

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