A letter to all the women

Aishath Naishan Nashid, 10A

Dear Women,

This one is for all the women who have been told that they couldn’t do certain things because they were female. This is for all the girls who have given up on their dreams because they were told that it was not something a woman could ever reach.

This is for all the young girls who are pressured to act more ‘girly.’ Those who are brainwashed by the media to play with Barbie dolls because that is what girls are supposed to do. Little girls are not supposed to play in the mud and get their hair dirty. They have to wear pastel dresses and host tea parties. If you have not done that in your childhood, are you even a girl?

This is for all the women who have been objectified by society. For those who have been catcalled. When a woman is noticed by strange men on the streets, she should be happy, right? The hungry eyes and lingering stares from strangers should boost her confidence. The vulgar comments about each and every curve of her body should flatter her, right? Grabbing her and forcing yourself on top of her should please her, right? Because all women love a man who can take charge and assert their dominance on her.

This is for all the women who have been told to keep quiet when a man is speaking. Women who are told to swallow the words that are begging to be spilled out of their mouth. Women who are told to sit still and look pretty. A woman should never have an opinion; she should always agree with the man. Because a woman with an opinion is dangerous. A woman who knows that what she is talking about could be a threat to all men and their egos.

This is for all the women who have been forced to stay at home and look after their children. Women who spend their days making formula bottles for her baby when, instead, her dream was to become a scientist who tested chemical formulas. Women who spend their afternoons in the grocery store, browsing through the aisles, when in reality all she wanted to do was to run a food manufacturing company. Women who help their children do their homework because she never had the chance to complete her higher education. Women who sacrifice their life to look after her children in the hopes that one day, she will get something in return.

You are not weak. You are not an object. You are not powerless. Your opinion is important. You can say no. You can dream. You will reach your goals. And you will succeed. Being a woman  does not stop you from doing anything. Being a woman is something you should be proud of. It should be something you embrace. Being a woman is breaking the glass ceiling and proving society wrong. And we can do it.


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