A Message to All Men

Humam Ahmed Mujah, 12A

The year is 2018.

Mothers are still associated with cooking, laundry and other household chores. Fathers are born breadwinners. Segregated gender roles at a micro level still exist.

I sit and ponder and wonder: how do we change these internalized, indoctrinated thoughts? Spasms of inner hegemonic masculinity and mansplaining to the women in our lives still occur even without us realizing.

Everywhere around me at home I see the women performing the stereotypical roles. Even I sometimes do not realize that I contribute to the reinforcement and normalization of these stereotypes by getting frustrated at my own mother when there is nothing that I feel like eating at home. We should be appreciating the women in our life for the work they do. Paid or unpaid. Skilled or unskilled.

We men and boys are major contributing factors to the oppression and stereotyping of women. We need to rationalize and be more aware of our actions, especially for the ones who are being raised in a patriarchal family structure. No one is born a patriarch. It is the society, the people around us, that make us who we are. Every man should be morally responsible to use their rationality to understand and improve their behaviour — even if it’s the smallest of deeds, because even the most minuscule actions contribute to the grand scheme of the society.

Together, we can move forward to a gender equal society. For now, we must press for progress through our actions and words. #somemenarewithyou #pressforprogress


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