Be a woman!

Aishath Faathin Maseeh, 12A

Sighs and murmurs travelled
Through the breeze so gentle
Consisted whispers so rough
Coarse to the eardrums
Incredulous to the mind
Their mouths ran furious
Judging her clothes
The clothes she picked with discretion
Judging her moves
The moves she enforced with caution
So, that their whispers would reach
A demise it cannot encounter
But alas, she was criticized
no matter where she stepped
In her stilettos or her sneakers“You’re a woman. so, act like it.”
But in her mind
She lost meaning
Of what it is to be a woman
Was it her mascara
That fluttered her eyelashes
Or was it her palms
Calloused from laboring
Under the sun that scorched
Her skin already coated
With products of capitalism
Feeding lies to the masses
Her identity that vanished
Into the gust of murmurs
Now a roaring hurricane
The whispers thunderous
Struggling to dictate her
So that SHE,
can become “a WOMAN”
When in reality,
her bloodshot eyes
and her charred complexion
with the foundation melting
off her face, blending with
her fake-blushed cheeks
already made her
a woman of character.


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