We Fight

Layath Ismail Husham, 8A

Swimming pools of tears have been shed, gallons of blood have been bled
But they are still prisoners of their own tongues
Help isn’t given, they’re shoved in boxes instead
They still hide beneath the covers, terrified because just one stir and they’re stung.
But underneath the darkness, there was a light so bright
It could burn a hole in my jeans
Child brides, moms who are teens
Women at work, all those on the streets
We are powerful and bold and phenomenal women
So they let go of the fatality, they clung on
Screamed out their stories and produced a spark
A revolution is about to start\
Years later we still haven’t given up
Make the sky bleed and fight from the heart
Fight for humanity and equality amongst us
Cause how we scream so loud, we cannot be hushed

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