As a Girl

By Fathimath Imaan Suhail, 9A As a girl, You’re told to be soft, Fragile, Like petals on a flower. But, like flowers, You are destined to bloom. As a daughter, You are told to obey, To keep your voice down. But you have a voice That brings the twinkling stars Out to the night sky, […]

Bestowed: Definitions of a Woman

By Aishath Noorain Jiyad, 9B she is a being of delicacy, felicity, and charm. she reigns her own throne in her own kingdom. evidence of womanhood is displayed atop her waist, like jewelry, around her thighs. but be not at fault by her honeyed smile or her fragile body, as from her lips run love and […]

Through the Glass

By Aishath Ahna Ali, 11A Who are you? Identify yourself. Who are you? Just a simple answer. Simple? Think some more. Who are you? Identify yourself. Stop looking at the glass. See who you are, not who is shown. Man once said, ‘You’re not who you are, But who is in front of you.’ Who […]

Dictator Facts You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

By Humam Ahmed Mujah, 11A In 2012, a 14-year-old North Korean girl, Han Hyon Gyong, drowned while trying to save portraits of dictators Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il. Thus, the government named her school after her. Joseph Stalin’s son shot himself because of Stalin’s harshness towards him, but he survived. Then Stalin said, […]


By Sarah Ali, 9A One of my favourite things about myself is that I’m fluent in more than one language. I can slip seamlessly from Dhivehi to English, switching between the two with such ease that sometimes I don’t even realise I’ve done it. ‘Aslutha?’ rests as comfortably on my tongue as ‘Really?’ Words like […]


By Zaain Ahmed Hameed, 12A Have you watched, or read about, Mowgli? Or Tarzan?  Or perhaps you know of the story of Shasta of the Wolves. What do all these stories have in common? Yes: all three stories are about a child raised by animals. It is not uncommon to see this depicted in fiction, […]

Do #AllLivesMatter?

By Zaain Ahmed Hameed, 12A In the Trending list on Twitter, the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter would be followed, by #AllLivesMatter. A tweet about Black Lives Matter would be sent out, and in no time there would be a tweet back saying it is all lives that matter. One person says, ‘Black lives matter.’ Then another responds, […]

The Demise of the Romanov Dynasty

By Aishath Faathin Maseeh, 11A R: Romanovs dictated oppressive rules U: Until they portrayed themselves as fools S: Spring blooming with promises*, through their abdication S: Soon the Winter of Resentment** was to say farewell I: In the midst of War time, Hope prevalent through the nation A: A tragic Tsar replaced, muddling Russia, far […]

Bloody Sunday

By Jumana Shahid, 11A 22nd January 1905, Released wasps from the hive; Under the power of Tsar Nicholas the II The Golden Days nearly came to an end Shy was he, a timid maiden. His moustache—the one good thing he had then. Though almost as dumb as the 16th Louis, He, at least, didn’t marry […]