Her Clock

Ahna, 11A She gave birth to her firstborn ‘cause she walked the aisle, and the hand on her clock stopped as her work of nurture began for her first born child. She just walks into that room, a smile on her face and groceries tucked into her arms, she heads for the kitchen ‘cause THAT, […]

The Quiet Revolution

By Sarah and Eafa A woman’s scream fills the air“One more push!” echoes the doctorAnd with a final bellowing cry, the exhausted new mother collapses backwards.“Congratulations,” chimes the nurse, holding a brand new life in her hands, “It’s a girl!”And the woman?Well, the woman sighs.The only thing she can truly say, considering the society she […]

Ancient Civilisations

Junior Arts Fest 2017 by Imaan Suhail, 9A and Zuhura Ismail, 12A The Junior Arts Fest of 2017 was based on the theme of ancient civilisations; students dressed in costumes based on a civilisation of their choice, like the Greek, Roman, and Chinese civilisations of the past. A few students arrived dressed as pirates, and […]

Ages of Revolution

Senior Arts Fest 2017 by Aminath Eema Asim Every school has that one feature that is seen to be “striking” which ensures it stands out from the rest of them. It perhaps even gives them an identity. Billabong High’s unique feature and event is undoubtedly the Annual Arts Fest. Since 2015, it has been the […]

A Trip Down Memory Lane: China 2016

by Eafa Rameez, 10A Our trip to China was, to say the least, amazing. The infrastructure, the busy streets and the hushed murmurs of citizens walking along on the gravel street is something I don’t think I can ever forget. The day consisted of the actual traveling; we went to Ibrahim Nasir International Airport in the […]

International History Bee & Bowl

History Quiz Competition, Abu Dhabi Billabong High’s teams for the International History Bee and Bowl travelled to Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the UAE over the course of five days. Our group consisted of two teams; the Varsity team and the Junior Varsity team. After our arrival in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday, the 15th of […]

I May Not Be A Labourer

By Imaan Suhail, 9A I may not be a labourer — but if i could change society, the nation, the world, one word at a time, I would dedicate this to all the women, the female labourers, those who do the chores at home, and those who are doctors, lawyers, engineers, architects — those who […]

Pawns of Today

By the students of Billabong High On 26th April 2017, world-renowned Northern Irish poet Cat Brogan visited BHIS to share her experience with young literary-minded students. After an interactive workshop session of two hours, each student shared the lines they came up with to create one collaborative poem, Pawns of Today: I’m trapped in a […]

Letter From A Tragedy

By Jumana Shahid, 11A In the wake of the tragic suicide of one of our townsfolk, we recovered a letter from the victim. Her last words are as follows:   Children’s laughter was a common sound that echoed throughout the streets. At one point of my life, I thought that it such a pleasant sound […]