Ancient Civilisations

Junior Arts Fest 2017 by Imaan Suhail, 9A and Zuhura Ismail, 12A The Junior Arts Fest of 2017 was based on the theme of ancient civilisations; students dressed in costumes based on a civilisation of their choice, like the Greek, Roman, and Chinese civilisations of the past. A few students arrived dressed as pirates, and […]

Ages of Revolution

Senior Arts Fest 2017 by Aminath Eema Asim Every school has that one feature that is seen to be “striking” which ensures it stands out from the rest of them. It perhaps even gives them an identity. Billabong High’s unique feature and event is undoubtedly the Annual Arts Fest. Since 2015, it has been the […]


By Ahmed Rabaah Naseem, 9B Volcanoes are openings in the Earth’s crust through which hot magma, molten rock, and ash clouds come out when they erupt. They come in different shapes and sizes, which is dpendent on the type of lava found within the volcano’s underground chambers. Very hot, runny lava create ‘shield’ volcanoes. If […]