‘Not All Men’: A PSA

Lyn Abdul Hameed, 12A Public Service Announcement for men who consider themselves ‘not feminists, but egalitarians’: they literally mean the same thing. ‘Feminism’ isn’t a dirty word that you should be afraid to say. Being a feminist and being a man aren’t mutually exclusive. There is no need to treat it as such.   Public […]

We Fight

Layath Ismail Husham, 8A Swimming pools of tears have been shed, gallons of blood have been bled But they are still prisoners of their own tongues Help isn’t given, they’re shoved in boxes instead They still hide beneath the covers, terrified because just one stir and they’re stung. But underneath the darkness, there was a […]

Rosa Parks

Lakshmi Dipukumar, 11A Rosa Louise McCauley Parks (February 4, 1913 – October 24, 2005) was an African-American civil rights activist. She was called the “Mother of the Modern-Day American civil rights movement” and “the mother of the freedom movement.” She literally stood up against the racial discrimination of black people under the system of Apartheid. […]

The Heart to All

Jeena Hameez, 9A A masterpiece of confidence and excellence A mirror of strength and dignity A soul of adventure and courage A heart of love and gold She stands with her head held high In the presence of madness and chaos She is draped with a cloak of roses The thorns pricking her skin She […]

A Message to All Men

Humam Ahmed Mujah, 12A The year is 2018. Mothers are still associated with cooking, laundry and other household chores. Fathers are born breadwinners. Segregated gender roles at a micro level still exist. I sit and ponder and wonder: how do we change these internalized, indoctrinated thoughts? Spasms of inner hegemonic masculinity and mansplaining to the […]


Aishath Ahna Ali, 12A People in Silence Rogue words expressed Equality long been stressed Silence! there is an open slot So forth the skills halt For women in all places Open up to all the stages Release yourself from all the chains Progress is what awaits Reminding you of your fate Only seen on the […]

Be a woman!

Aishath Faathin Maseeh, 12A Sighs and murmurs travelled Through the breeze so gentle Consisted whispers so rough Coarse to the eardrums Incredulous to the mind Their mouths ran furious Judging her clothes The clothes she picked with discretion Judging her moves The moves she enforced with caution So, that their whispers would reach A demise […]