Through the Glass

By Aishath Ahna Ali, 11A Who are you? Identify yourself. Who are you? Just a simple answer. Simple? Think some more. Who are you? Identify yourself. Stop looking at the glass. See who you are, not who is shown. Man once said, ‘You’re not who you are, But who is in front of you.’ Who […]

Do #AllLivesMatter?

By Zaain Ahmed Hameed, 12A In the Trending list on Twitter, the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter would be followed, by #AllLivesMatter. A tweet about Black Lives Matter would be sent out, and in no time there would be a tweet back saying it is all lives that matter. One person says, ‘Black lives matter.’ Then another responds, […]

The Harsh, Yet Hidden, Reality of the Education System

By Aishath Faathin Maseeh, 11A The manifest function of the education system is to impart knowledge and instil the academic curriculum into young minds, to make our futures more colourful—whereas the latent functions involve the instilling of certain values through a hidden curriculum. This includes respect, teamwork, healthy competition, and other important skills. However, is this […]

The Little Post-Modernist

By Zuhura Ismail, 12A Are you confused? Do you feel uncertain? Don’t worry. You’re not the only one. Welcome to the post-modern era: an age of confusion, fragmentation, and identity crises. Unanswered questions everywhere! You know everything, and you know nothing—proof that Jon Snow is a post-modernist, perhaps? As Jencks (1996) states, post-modernity ‘is a […]