The Demise of the Romanov Dynasty

By Aishath Faathin Maseeh, 11A R: Romanovs dictated oppressive rules U: Until they portrayed themselves as fools S: Spring blooming with promises*, through their abdication S: Soon the Winter of Resentment** was to say farewell I: In the midst of War time, Hope prevalent through the nation A: A tragic Tsar replaced, muddling Russia, far […]

Bloody Sunday

By Jumana Shahid, 11A 22nd January 1905, Released wasps from the hive; Under the power of Tsar Nicholas the II The Golden Days nearly came to an end Shy was he, a timid maiden. His moustache—the one good thing he had then. Though almost as dumb as the 16th Louis, He, at least, didn’t marry […]